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Confirmation of Port Integration in Liaoning Province: A Confirmation Agreement was formally signed between Liaoning Province and China Merchants Bureau

Date:2018-03-21 Author:振岐物流 Click:

At 18:00 p.m. on March 20, great progress was made in the integration of Liaoning Port, the 7th floor of Liaoning Building, Beijing.

Liaoning State Assets Commission, Dalian State Assets Commission, Yingkou State Assets Commission, Liaoning Northeast Asia Port and Navigation Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Northeast Asia Port and Navigation Company") and China Merchants Bureau Group signed a series of cooperation agreement on Liaoning Port Resources Integration in Beijing.

Among them, Liaoning Province and China Merchants Bureau Group jointly signed the "Liaoning People's Government and China Merchants Bureau Group on Liaoning Port Integration Terms Confirmation Agreement".

Dalian City, Yingkou City and China Merchants Bureau Group jointly signed the Agreement on Confirmation of Liaoning Port Integration between Dalian Municipal People's Government, Yingkou Municipal People's Government and China Merchants Bureau Group.

Shenyang and China Merchants Bureau jointly signed the Shenyang Port Project Investment Framework Agreement. "

In this agreement, the parties involved in restructuring and integration, equity investment, investment, public welfare assets arrangements and so on. This is another significant progress in Liaoning port integration after three listed companies, Dalian Port, Jinzhou Port and Yingkou Port, disclosed the signing of the Port Cooperation Framework Agreement between Liaoning Province Government and China Merchants Bureau Group in June 2017.

It is reported that Liaoning Port Integration Plan centered on "Northeast Asia Port and Shipping Company" will be promoted step by step. The first step is to integrate Dalian Port Group and Yingkou Port Group. In the future, Dandong Port, Huludao Port and other port assets may also be involved. The goal is to integrate ports and shipping based on Liaoning Province, radiate the whole Northeast, and influence Northeast Asia. With the advancement of integration, the possibility of joining aviation assets will not be excluded. One of the major features of this integration is the introduction of China Merchants Bureau Group, cooperation between central and local governments, integration of advantages, and cooperation with the mixed reform plan.

At the same time, it is noteworthy that the Shenyang Port project has also been included in the scope of this contract. According to the port circle, in 2016, Yingkou Port Group and Shenyang Municipal Government jointly established Shenyang Port (Group) Co., Ltd. The establishment of Shenyang Port will thoroughly change the current situation of "small ports in big cities" in Shenyang, and build a three-dimensional open structure of "trinity" of sea, land and air, with "Shenyang Port" as the export port, and "Taoxian Airport" as the export port, so as to promote logistics and logistics. People flow, capital flow, information flow convergence and cargo value landing, speed up the construction of Shenyang as the core of the Northeast Asia and even Eurasia international logistics center, which integrates the functions of land and sea ports. According to the agreement, the two sides will take the "Shenyang port" as the platform, take the Shenyang Europe and other international freight trains as the carrier, docking the national "one belt and one way" strategy, and build the "Shenyang port" into a trading center, logistics center, information center and pricing center with regional radiation and international influence, and construct Shenyang and Liaoning. New pattern of Ningxia's opening up to the outside world.

On une 13, 2017, three Liaoning port listed companies, Dalian Port, Yingkou Port and Jinzhou Port, temporarily suspended their licenses collectively. On the evening of the same day, the Liaoning Provincial Government and China Merchants Bureau Group Shenyang signed the Port Cooperation Framework Agreement. Liaoning Province Government and China Merchants Bureau Group will cooperate to establish a unified operation platform for Liaoning Port, which will be based on Dalian Port Group Co., Ltd. and Yingkou Port Group Co., Ltd. and set up Liaoning Port Group in a market way to realize the integration of Liaoning coastal port operators; and strive to complete Liaoning Port Group by the end of 2017. Establishment and reform of mixed ownership will complete the integration of other port operators in Liaoning Province by the end of 2018, and Liaoning Province's ports will open a big curtain.

According to the previous framework agreement, China Merchants Bureau Group will lead the operation and management of Liaoning Port Group under the premise of holding Liaoning Port Group by investment; China Merchants Bureau Group will make full use of its resources and advantages in business model design, business restructuring and capital operation to promote the jurisdiction of Liaoning Port Group. The port's business restructuring and structural optimization and adjustment will comprehensively enhance the coordinated development of the port and enhance its international competitiveness. Liaoning Port Group is the core enterprise to promote the development of shipping center and related industries.

In January this year, Liaoning Provincial Transportation Conference further proposed that the integration of port resources will be accelerated. Liaoning Port Group will be set up by integrating Dalian Port and Yingkou Port, deepening the reform of mixed ownership of enterprises, gradually promoting the integration of other ports, realizing the integration of coastal port operators and promoting the construction of Dalian Northeast Asia International Shipping Center.

According to the previous analysis of port circle, "Northeast Asia Port and Shipping Company" is the main platform of port integration in Liaoning Province. One of the major features of this integration is the introduction of China Merchants Bureau Group, through central-local cooperation, to integrate advantages, and at the same time, it will introduce other state-owned or civilian assets to carry out mixed ownership reform. Among them, the integration of Dalian Port Group and Yingkou Port Group is the first step. After the comprehensive integration of related assets, business, market and operation mechanism, Huludao Port and Dandong Port will be further joined in the integration of the second and third steps. It is learnt that with the advance of reform, it is not excluded that logistics and passenger flow business will be integrated into the port and shipping center in the future, which may involve the integration of aviation resources.

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