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Yingkou Zhenqi Logistics Co., Ltd.

General Manager: 0417-6234555

Deputy General Manager: 0417-6143833

Land Transport Department: 0417-6150333

Fleet: 0417-6140265

Distribution Department: 0417-6234400

Maritime Department: 0417-6234111

Shipbuilding Department: 0417-6230862

Freight forwarding department: 0417-6230862

Warehousing Department: 0417-6234111

General Department: 0417-6150628

Reception Room: 0417-6239900

Fax of Freight Department: 0417-6149166

Fax of Ministry of Maritime Transport: 0417-6149657

Fax from General Department: 0417-6150333

Website: en.zhenqiwuliu.com

Address: Eastern Section of Shugang Road, Bayuquan Circle, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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Reception Room

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  Responsible for the support business of self-owned vehicles, drivers, employees and other integrated service departments. The parking lot can store nearly 100 large vehicles at one time. The driver's rooms are set high and more than 80 beds are provided to ensure the comfort of drivers. At the same time, the hospital provides services such as self-owned vehicle maintenance, maintenance, catering for drivers, chess and card entertainment. Ensure that drivers and employees can eat safely, sleep comfortably and have a good time.

Yingkou freight

Yingkou freight

Yingkou freight

Yingkou freight

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