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Yingkou Zhenqi Logistics Co., Ltd.

General Manager: 0417-6234555

Deputy General Manager: 0417-6143833

Land Transport Department: 0417-6150333

Fleet: 0417-6140265

Distribution Department: 0417-6234400

Maritime Department: 0417-6234111

Shipbuilding Department: 0417-6230862

Freight forwarding department: 0417-6230862

Warehousing Department: 0417-6234111

General Department: 0417-6150628

Reception Room: 0417-6239900

Fax of Freight Department: 0417-6149166

Fax of Ministry of Maritime Transport: 0417-6149657

Fax from General Department: 0417-6150333

Website: en.zhenqiwuliu.com

Address: Eastern Section of Shugang Road, Bayuquan Circle, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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Dear customers:

Years of pursuit, years of exploration, years of pioneering work, years of cooperation, ushered in the gradual maturity of the enterprise, creating the enterprise's spatial scale.

Your trust is the cornerstone of our success, your support is that we have achieved fruitful results.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to friends and partners from all walks of life who have supported and helped us for many years.

Future success is willing to share with you, and the vast market is willing to join hands with you to develop. Honesty is the premise of our cooperation, and keeping faith is our solemn commitment!

We are willing to work hand in hand with people of insight from all over the world to create a better future!

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