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Yingkou Zhenqi Logistics Co., Ltd.

General Manager: 0417-6234555

Deputy General Manager: 0417-6143833

Land Transport Department: 0417-6150333

Fleet: 0417-6140265

Distribution Department: 0417-6234400

Maritime Department: 0417-6234111

Shipbuilding Department: 0417-6230862

Freight forwarding department: 0417-6230862

Warehousing Department: 0417-6234111

General Department: 0417-6150628

Reception Room: 0417-6239900

Fax of Freight Department: 0417-6149166

Fax of Ministry of Maritime Transport: 0417-6149657

Fax from General Department: 0417-6150333

Website: en.zhenqiwuliu.com

Address: Eastern Section of Shugang Road, Bayuquan Circle, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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The company has shipping agent department and shipping management department. In the aspect of shipping business, Shandong Haiyueda Shipping Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in general cargo transportation. We mainly deal in building materials, steel, ore, coal, grain and other cargo transportation. In order to meet the market demand, expand business volume and promote the company. With its own development, the company has added a new 5,100-ton cargo ship, Xinhongzhou 11, which is mainly engaged in the transportation of general cargo ships along the coast and in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

The shipping agency of the company mainly undertakes the domestic coastal cargo transportation, ship leasing, warehousing transfer, freight forwarding and other business. The company has more than 20 long-term cooperative multi-purpose bulk carriers. Ten of them are 3000-5000 tons, six are 10000-25000 tons and five are 30000-50000 tons. The annual total volume of waterway transportation is about one million tons.

The company's main regular routes are Yingkou Port - Tianjin Port, Yingkou Port - Shanghai Port (both large and small wharfs).

Yingkou Port, along the Yangtze River (including inland barges), Yingkou Port, Guangzhou Port, Dalian Port, Shanghai Port, Dalian Port and Guangzhou Port, in addition to the above main routes, the company also undertakes cargo transportation and freight forwarding business in other coastal ports in China.

Yingkou distributionYingkou distribution

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