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Inventory of Yingkou Logistics of Fifteen Logistics Oxygen Enterprises

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Yingkou Logistics recently, Euronet has taken stock of 15 logistics O2 O enterprises. They are: interesting food delivery, fast harvest, mule track logistics, Dada, Cloud Bird distribution, cargo pull, oTMS, GoGoGoVan, Fuyou truck, Yunce Network, Renren Express, Shendun Express, Tongcheng Flash Delivery Network, No. 1, Blue Rhino.

1. Interesting Delicious Delivery: Terminal Distribution Platform for Fresh E-commerce and Catering Takeaway

Interesting Food Delivery is a platform for catering delivery and distribution services. It is a product of Beijing Interesting Food Technology Co., Ltd. Interesting Food Delivery Website was launched in March 2012 and was jointly founded by Sun Lili and Yang Shuyi. "Interesting and Lively Delicious Delivery" provides special delicacies and restaurant take-out services for consumers. Through the "Delicious Delivery" call center or ordering website, users can order meals from the surrounding restaurants and be delivered home by the "Interesting Delicious Delivery" professional delivery team. "Interesting Food Delivery" service includes nutritional breakfast, Chinese and Western dinner, afternoon tea, selected meals, healthy vegetarian food, special snacks, etc. Up to now, it has opened distribution in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Nanjing.

In March 2012, Interactive Gourmet Delivery received millions of RMB angel investments such as PreAngele and Starting Business Camp; in August 2013, Interactive Gourmet Delivery received millions of US dollars in A round investment from Softbank China; and in June 2014, Interactive Gourmet Delivery received tens of millions of US dollars in B round investment from Softbank China.

2. Fast Harvest: A Distribution Service Platform with Urgent Timing in the same City

Fat Receive is a mobile Internet express delivery service platform, is a product of Beijing Express Technology Co., Ltd. Fast Harvest was launched in September 2014, CEO Chen Weili. Fast Receiving utilizes the new intelligent distribution mode of LBS location service, devotes itself to resolving the urgent distribution between the two cities and providing "cloud dispatch" for consumers. Fast Receiving integrates idle human resources in society, integrates information technology to meet customer needs, effectively deploys distribution personnel in the area where the sender is located, and distributors can more easily select the nearest order from themselves, and provide timely and accurate distribution services for customers. It is understood that a new business model has been explored before the Fast Harvest Day.

n October 2014, Fast Harvest received 3 million RMB seed Angel round financing from Legend Source.

3. Mule Track Logistics: Transforming Traditional Logistics with "Calling" Model

Mule Track Logistics is a logistics mobile information platform for freight industry, which is dedicated to intelligent and informative cloud service research in logistics industry. It was established in June 2014 and belongs to Beijing Yunke Network Technology Co., Ltd. and CEO Song Rui. Mule Track Logistics provides logistics inquiry and information release services for logistics companies, freight forwarding companies, distribution stations, owners and cargo owners. At present, the application of mobile information platform includes online resource integration management system, project management, O2 O information platform and so on. Song Rui has said that mule track logistics is a drop-by-drop taxi in the freight industry.

On July 11, 2014, Mule Track Intelligent Logistics received 5 million RMB investment from True Fund; on July 13, 2014, it received 3 million US dollars in round A investment from IDG.

4. Dada: Solving the biggest pain point of O2 O by mobile and crowdsourcing

Dada is a mobile and crowdsourcing solution to the last three kilometers of distribution platform, providing professional third-party distribution services for businesses, launched in June 2014, under the Shanghai Interest Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., founder Qun Jiaqi. According to its official website information, Dada platform has gathered nearly 10,000 real-name certification distributors, forming a sound credit and service quality system. Dada platform provides APP for merchants and distributors, open APIs for a large number of O2 platforms such as hungry, American League, Taodian, Jingdong, etc. to complete system docking and provide distribution services.

In July 2014, Dada received millions of dollars in A round investment in Sequoia capital.

Yingkou Logistics

5. Cloud Bird Distribution: Providing Distribution Solutions for Enterprise Customers by Bidding

Cloud Bird Distribution was launched in September 2014. It is an Internet enterprise dedicated to rapid distribution in the same city. It belongs to Beijing Cloud Bird Technology Co., Ltd. and its co-founder He Xiaodong. Cloud Bird Distribution provides customers with high cost-effective distribution solutions by integrating massive social distribution resources, effectively allocating enterprise users and idle truck resources, and conducting public bidding on Cloud Bird Extreme Speed Distribution Platform.

According to Euronet News, in January 2015, Cloud Bird Distribution received 10 million US dollars A round financing from longitude and latitude China, Jinshajiang Venture Capital and Shengda Capital Joint Investment.

6. Cargo Lab: Provide an efficient and transparent logistics platform to improve customer delivery and delivery service

Freight Lala is a calling software which mainly delivers goods in the same city. It was founded in December 2013. It is a product of Guangzhou Qiaoguan Network Technology Co., Ltd. formerly EasyVan of Hong Kong and Singapore, CEO Zhou Shengfu. The aim of cargo pulling is to provide an efficient and transparent logistics platform to improve the delivery and delivery services to customers. Freight pullers are mainly the shippers and vans matching drivers who need to carry goods. Registered drivers on the cargo pull platform are on call 24 hours a day. As soon as there is an order, the city's online drivers will grab the order immediately.

The current business scope of Freight Lab includes building materials transportation, door-to-door moving, electrical appliances and private transport, food distribution, pet outings, wedding photo charter cars, exhibition materials transportation, etc. Business has been operated in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taipei and other six urban areas.

In January 2015, Freight Labrador received $10 million from Clearing Capital, Geek Gang, MindWorks Ventures, Sirius Venture Capital, Aria Group and other individual investors.

7. oTMS: A Service Provider for Freight Transportation and Transportation Industry

OTMS is a service provider for freight and transportation industry. It provides SaaS-based community transportation system. It brings together cargo owners, third-party logistics companies, transportation companies, drivers and final consignees. It belongs to Beijing Baichuan Express Line Network Technology Co., Ltd. and goes online in January 2013. Duan Yan, the founder of the system, is a member of Beijing Baichuan Express Line Network Technology Co., Ltd.

OTMS can realize fast and low-cost deployment, and is more convenient for operators and managers to use. OTMS creates a balanced, win-win online ecosystem based on core processes, which is equivalent to an online mirror of its offline operational network. Its online ecosystem will be an open, credit-based community, where all members of the community can manage their existing businesses well and have the opportunity to find better resources or more new businesses.

In March 2013, oTMS received millions of RMB angel investment from Zihui; in November 2014, oTMS received six million US dollars A round financing from Jingwei China, Baidu Investment and Zihui Investment.

8. GoGoGoVan: A P2P-based Truck Docking Service Platform

GoGGoVan is a call platform APP, which provides P2P mode of truck docking service. GoGoGoVan connects truck drivers with users who need on-demand delivery service, and both ends of users and drivers are free. GoGoGoVan was founded in July 2013 by Steven Lam. GoGoGoVan provides passenger and freight cars on the platform to meet the needs of users in furniture handling, pet delivery, and merchant users in cargo delivery and delivery. At present, it provides services in six regions: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and Korea.

GoGoGoVan received $6.5 million in round A financing led by Centurion Private Equity in August 2014 and $10 million in round B financing by Renren in November 2014.

9. Fuyou Truck: Providing Point-to-Point, Door-to-Door, Table-to-Table Logistics Express Service

Fuyou Truck is the website platform of Nanjing Fuyou Online Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. founded in October 2013, founder Dandan. Fuyou Truck is a third-party express logistics service provider, providing point-to-point, door-to-door, desk-to-desk logistics express service. Fuyou truck provides one-to-one housekeeping logistics service for cargo owners by integrating national logistics industry resources (logistics special line companies, airlines, truck drivers, etc.) and relies on CLO system to establish an efficient integration platform of automobile resources. GPS tracking and automatic conveyor belt loading and unloading in the freight process make the cargo safe. For improvement.

In June 2014, Fuyou truck received millions of RMB angel investment from Plum Angel.

10. Transport Policy Network: Creating a Mobile Internet-based Oxygen Dioxide Platform for Vehicle Freight Transportation

Yunce Network is a truck dispatching service platform, officially launched in May 2013, belonging to Nanjing Yiliu Information Consulting Co., Ltd., CEO Dynasty. Transport Policy Network is committed to building a mobile Internet-based vehicle freight O2 O platform. By integrating long-distance and medium-distance freight vehicles, it can help small and medium-sized enterprises to find the lowest freight return trucks in a short time and provide transportation services for enterprises on the premise of ensuring freight safety.

In January 2013, Yunce gained millions of yuan in angel investment.

11. Renren Express: Intelligent Express Logistics Service Platform Based on P2P Crowdsourcing Model

Renren Express was founded in January 2013, which belongs to Sichuan Creative Technology Co., Ltd. and its founder Xie Qin. By integrating idle social resources, Renren Express is able to meet the needs of the same city. It uses the information management platform built by mobile Internet technology and P2P crowdsourcing mode to transport express. Everyone can be either a recipient or a free courier. Free courier of Renren Express is verified by real-name certification, binding bank cards, photo archiving and other operations, but free courier does not belong to Renren Express. After the A round of financing, Renren Express announced its entry into the field of meal delivery and launched the meal delivery APP.

In November 2014, Renren Express received Tencent Industry Win-win Fund and Gaorong Capital 15 million US dollars A round of financing.

12. Shenshi Express: Creating an Open Intelligent Calling Platform for Freight Transport in the same City

Shendun Express is an intelligent dispatching platform for freight transportation in the same city. It mainly provides intelligent call service for freight transportation in the same city by using mobile internet. It belongs to Valera Data Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. In January 2015, Shendun Express went on line and entered the internal test. CEO Zhang Xilong.

Shendun Express integrates industry interactive data related to logistics and transportation mainly through mobile information technology and artificial intelligence, and uses the innovative mode of mobile Internet to help customers and traditional logistics service providers integrate some idle vehicle resources in society, so as to create a win-win cooperation platform.

In November 2014, Shendun Express received nearly 10 million yuan of angel investment.

13. Flash Delivery: Provide the whole process of surveillance of direct delivery of specialists, lightning service

Flash Delivery is a platform for direct and fast service of specialists in the same city. It was established in August 2013. It belongs to Beijing Tongcheng Bing Technology Co., Ltd. and CEO Xue Peng. Flash Delivery provides a faster professional delivery service, from Flash Delivery to Delivery to Receiver, to monitor the whole process, and to race against time. After the user orders, the system automatically sends the task to the nearest flash sender's mobile phone, and the flash sender immediately comes to the door to provide services for users.

In March 2014, the company received millions of RMB angel investment in longitude and latitude China.

Cargo No. 14 and No. 1: Intelligent Service Platform for Short Freight Transportation, which makes it easier to transport goods in the same city

Goods No. 1 is a free mobile phone software for finding and transporting goods. It is a mobile Internet product owned by Guangzhou Midou Information Technology Co., Ltd. and launched in October 2014. Its founder, Liu Wenbo. "No. 1" takes advantage of the Internet to change the traditional operation mode of the same city freight market. By integrating the real-time location information of idle trucks and releasing the real-time freight demand of the truck owner, the truck can have a direct dialogue with the truck owner, reduce the intermediate links, and solve the problem of difficult and expensive car search.

According to Euronet, the angel investment of millions of RMB has been completed before the product of No. 1 goes online. Pre-A and A rounds of financing are currently under way.

15. Blue Rhinoceros: Information Platform for Small Freight Cars Delivering in the same City

Blue Rhinoceros is a small truck information service call platform, founded in November 2013, founder Wang Su. Blue rhinoceros directly docks the driver and the user, at the same time, through the way of franchise, integration of social vehicle and driver resources to achieve inter-city distribution. After users type in the starting and ending location, vehicle type, number of people and other needs, the platform will give the corresponding price, and users can "confirm the call". At the back end, the Blue Rhino pushes the demand to the driver near the user, who picks up the bill by himself. Up to now, Blue Rhino has spread to the following seven cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Chengdu.



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