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What should we pay attention to when handling container transport business?

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Three Attentions to Shipping Goods

With the popularization of container transportation business, the number of disputes involving express transportation and shipping compensation is increasing year by year. In order to avoid disputes, consumers should pay attention to the following points when consigning goods: first, to verify the company's relevant qualifications and reputation; second, to make written requirements for the packaging, placement and handling of goods; third, before delivery, to clearly put forward the basis for compensation calculation, and at the same time, to purchase insurance for valuables.

The consignment station has not fulfilled its duty of reasonable prompting and explanation, so according to the relevant judicial interpretation, it is determined that the compensation limit clause of the consignment station is not binding on the Department store. The department store provided evidence to prove the value of the goods, so the court decided that the consignment station should compensate the department store for the loss of 6515.36 yuan.

This clause is characterized by exemption from one's own responsibility, aggravation of the other's responsibility and exclusion of the other's main rights, and the defendant has not proven that he has brought the clause to the plaintiff's attention in a reasonable way at the time of signing the contract. Therefore, the standard clause shall be invalid and the defendant shall compensate for the loss of goods in accordance with the value of the goods.

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Safety Express Teaches You Five Ways

First, courier companies with good faith and after-sales service should be selected. When conducting business, we should check whether the enterprise has a business license and relevant certificates. If there is no legal formalities, do not deliver the goods to the enterprise express delivery, because once disputes occur, the legitimate rights and interests will be difficult to maintain.

Second, read carefully the "Express Notice". Operators often exempt themselves from liability by means of self-defined format clauses. Consumers must carefully read the relevant clauses on the completed waybill. Especially when expressing valuable and high-value goods, if they think the clauses on the waybill are not clear enough, they can negotiate Supplementary Clauses or sign relevant agreements together. They should not be greedy for parties. It is convenient and cheap to ignore these clauses, and the result is often small and big.

Third, valuables should be priced. Express delivery of important or damageable items should be stated when entrusted, and more expensive items should be delivered at insured prices. If the goods are not insured in order to save costs, it will be difficult to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests once the goods are lost or damaged. Don't forget to keep copies when delivering important documents. It is better not to choose express delivery for items with special commemorative significance. 4. Pay attention to checking before signing when receiving the goods. After receiving the express delivery, no matter how urgent the time is and how busy the matter is, we should check and count the items on the spot, and never sign and accept them at will, so as not to make the responsibility unclear when disputes arise.

5. Enhancing the awareness of safeguarding rights. If it is found that the legitimate rights and interests have been infringed, it is necessary to make timely complaints.



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