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Yingkou Zhenqi Logistics Co., Ltd.

General Manager: 0417-6234555

Deputy General Manager: 0417-6143833

Land Transport Department: 0417-6150333

Fleet: 0417-6140265

Distribution Department: 0417-6234400

Maritime Department: 0417-6234111

Shipbuilding Department: 0417-6230862

Freight forwarding department: 0417-6230862

Warehousing Department: 0417-6234111

General Department: 0417-6150628

Reception Room: 0417-6239900

Fax of Freight Department: 0417-6149166

Fax of Ministry of Maritime Transport: 0417-6149657

Fax from General Department: 0417-6150333

Website: en.zhenqiwuliu.com

Address: Eastern Section of Shugang Road, Bayuquan Circle, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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Responsible for the company's daily financial accounting, participate in the company's operation and management; implement the national fiscal and taxation regulations and policies, participate in the formulation and implementation of the company's rules and regulations and related provisions; organize the formulation of financial management systems and related provisions, and supervise the implementation; be responsible for the preparation and implementation of financial budget reports, monthly, quarterly and quarterly. Annual financial report; responsible for the company's comprehensive fund allocation, cost accounting, accounting and analysis; supervision and inspection of the use of funds, strengthening cost control and management, and supervision of the collection of accounts receivable; responsible for reviewing or participating in the drafting of economic contracts, agreements and other economic documents; participating in business decision-making; monitoring may Major economic activities that can cause economic losses to the company, etc.