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Yingkou Zhenqi Logistics Co., Ltd.

General Manager: 0417-6234555

Deputy General Manager: 0417-6143833

Land Transport Department: 0417-6150333

Fleet: 0417-6140265

Distribution Department: 0417-6234400

Maritime Department: 0417-6234111

Shipbuilding Department: 0417-6230862

Freight forwarding department: 0417-6230862

Warehousing Department: 0417-6234111

General Department: 0417-6150628

Reception Room: 0417-6239900

Fax of Freight Department: 0417-6149166

Fax of Ministry of Maritime Transport: 0417-6149657

Fax from General Department: 0417-6150333

Website: en.zhenqiwuliu.com

Address: Eastern Section of Shugang Road, Bayuquan Circle, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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1. Party members should be timely and conscientiously organized to learn the Party's line, policy, current affairs and politics, and to assist the administration in learning professional knowledge, so as to continuously improve their ideological, political, policy level and professional ability.

2. We should improve the Party's organizational life, carry out serious criticism and self-criticism, and urge every Party member to consciously abide by discipline and law, be honest and impartial, serve the people wholeheartedly and serve the grass-roots level.

3. We should regularly evaluate Party members, guide them to correctly understand and treat themselves, develop their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and make continuous progress.

4. We should strictly administer the Party, strictly enforce its discipline, strengthen the supervision of its members, especially its leading cadres, and promptly deal with unhealthy tendencies and erroneous acts.

5. Attention should be paid to listening to the opinions of Party members and the masses, especially when Party members and the masses reflect the shortcomings, problems and suggestions of school work, and at any time should be reflected to the administrator or report to the Party organizations at higher levels. On the one hand, we should dare to criticize the acts of suppressing criticism or even cracking down on retaliation, on the other hand, we should timely reflect them to the higher Party organizations.

6. We should lead and promote the work of mass organizations such as trade unions, the Communist Youth League and student unions, coordinate all aspects of relations and give full play to the role of Party organizations.

7. Be responsible for ideological and political work of Party members and workers.

8. We should actively accomplish other tasks assigned by Party committees at higher levels.