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Partial Logistics of Yingkou Logistics Company

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The so-called part-load goods, Yingkou logistics refers to a cargo waybill (a batch) consigned cargo weight or volume is not enough to load a vehicle of goods (that is, not enough conditions for vehicle transport). Zero refers to scattered, carrying ancient refers to the pole, here refers to the car, the pole is not enough a pole, that is, not enough a car.

When the weight or volume of a batch of goods is less than one truck, it can be shared with several or even hundreds of other batches of goods by one truck. It is called partial cargo transportation.

Yingkou Logistics

 If the cargo owner needs less than one vehicle to be transported, it will be transported as sporadic goods. The carrier department will assemble the cargo of different cargo owners according to the same arrival station and then ship the cargo. In order to overcome this shortcoming, we have developed a fixed-line and fixed-time zero-load bus. We can also use the flexibility of automobile transportation to develop door-to-door service of zero-load freight transportation. For example, the large-scale use of "house stool" in Japan belongs to this form. Speed in response to this demand of enterprises, the development of a number of zero-load bus lines. The distribution of business outlets in different regions of major cities is used as the receiving point and delivery point of the near-by service, which greatly facilitates the needs of the cargo owners.



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