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Innovative Idea of Generation Yingkou Logistics Personnel

Date:2017-12-12 Author: Click:

Logistics service competition strategy is centered on improving customer satisfaction. All service activities of Yingkou Logistics should be carried out around customer requirements. The scope of customers mentioned here is defined according to the fact that supply chain management is a network chain management and a network chain structure. That is to say, customers, customers and suppliers of customers are regarded as service objects. In exploring the market and developing new customers, customers often ask Yingkou Logistics personnel: You can make an offer! Logistics personnel said that we are not here to bargain, we are here to discuss with you how to reduce costs, how to establish more effective logistics system support to improve sales. Such a starting point, such a service concept, touched new customers, the new transaction contract also signed a customer demand as a criterion, to carry out customer close service, that is, logistics logistics logistics package services. The essence of modern logistics is service, and the quality of logistics service is the life of third party logistics enterprises. Therefore, as long as it is the needs of customers, Yingkou freight will do its utmost. Cooperation with customers adheres to the principle of "win-win" and establishes long-term stable cooperative partnership. Create value in the process of logistics services and value-added services, share with customers, and integrate the interests of logistics companies and customers. To sort out the service consciousness of long-term cooperation with customers, equip necessary equipment and professionals, and effectively solve practical problems in logistics business for customers. Establish and improve logistics information management system. In order to seek the interconnection and high efficiency of all links and functions of logistics, it is necessary to establish and improve an information management system that can quickly transmit and process logistics information, which is the central nervous system and support guarantee for the sound operation of the whole logistics system.

In order to strengthen the construction of excellent management team, we should pay attention to the training and introduction of logistics professionals. Nowadays, the competition among modern enterprises is the competition of talents. We should not only introduce high-quality talents, but also make rational use of them and establish a reasonable welfare guarantee and incentive mechanism with a good salary structure to retain talents: strengthen the motivation of employees'progress by designing personal development plans and setting up reasonable development space for employees; establish and improve staff training mechanism to continuously optimize employees. Knowledge structure and improvement of staff's quality of science, technology, culture and management. The above five points are our Yingkou logistics service concept.



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