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Standardizing Information Security Guarantee Yingkou Logistics Company

Date:2017-12-08 Author: Click:


To standardize information security and guarantee Yingkou logistics, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council chaired a executive meeting of the State Council on July 12 to discuss and adopt the Opinions on Strengthening the Implementation of Innovation-Driven Development Strategy and Further Promoting the Innovation and in-depth Development of Mass Entrepreneurship, and decided to publicly solicit opinions from the public on the "Express Regulations (Draft)".

Pushing "Double Creation" to a Wider Range

The meeting pointed out that the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy and the promotion of "double-creation" to a wider scope, higher level and deeper level are of great significance for ensuring and expanding employment, optimizing economic structure, speeding up the transformation of new and old momentum and enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy.

In order to further create an integrated, collaborative and shared "double-creation" ecological environment, achieve sustained and healthy development, and enhance the effectiveness of entrepreneurship and innovation, the meeting determined that: first, innovative government management. The second is to optimize the "double-creation" service. Third, expand financing channels. Fourth, promote industrial upgrading. Fifth, strengthen the support of talents.

Delivery Layout Setting-up Procedures will be Simplified

The meeting decided to invite public opinions on the draft Express Regulations (Draft) which had been considered.

The draft lays stress on standardizing the development of the industry, stipulates measures such as simplifying the procedures of setting up points for express delivery, providing convenient access for vehicles to reduce logistics costs, clarifies the rules of express delivery service and the responsibility for delivery safety, and emphasizes the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and express operators, and the franchise operation, loss compensation and user information. Safety and security are regulated.

Accelerating the Construction of Industrial Internet Platform

One is to innovate government management. We will accelerate the integration of all kinds of information concerning the registration and filing of enterprises'licenses into business licenses, build a nationwide unified electronic business license management system, and promote the implementation of a window registration and time-limited closure of foreign-funded enterprises. Cancellation of pre-approval of enterprise names and promotion of self-declaration. We will comprehensively implement the reform of simple cancellation registration of enterprises. We will promote diversified tax payment methods for some tax-related matters of trans-provincial enterprises, such as nationwide operation and mobile banking. Appropriate relaxation of Internet education and other industry access conditions.

The second is to optimize the "double-creation" service. Simplify the filing procedures of intangible assets evaluation such as patents, and realize the pricing of agreements, listings or auctions. Promote the opening of instruments and equipment purchased by financial funds to the public.

Third, expand financing channels. We will steadily expand the pilot scale of venture innovation company bonds. We will promote the establishment of state-funded venture capital funds to support innovative enterprises in the early, medium and initial stages.

Fourth, promote industrial upgrading. Accelerate the construction of industrial Internet platform, guide large enterprises to develop internal "double innovation", open supply chain resources and market channels, and promote the development of industrial chain upstream and downstream, large, medium and small enterprises. Research and Implementation of Measures to Promote "Double Creation" of Universities and Research Institutions More Effectively

Fifth, strengthen the support of talents. Implementing and expanding the autonomy of all kinds of innovators in universities and scientific research institutes to motivate talents. Simplify the procedure of recruiting high-level and urgently needed talents for public institutions, and apply for ad hoc positions without vacancies.

 Yingkou Logistics


Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and relevant departments have studied and drafted "Opinions on Further Promoting Logistics Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase to Promote the Development of Real Economy", and are now seeking opinions from the public. "Opinions" pointed out that increasing tax and fee reduction efforts to effectively reduce the burden of enterprises, in 2017 to introduce the implementation plan to improve toll road toll management and increase work.

The Opinion expresses that the relevant tax policies in the field of logistics should be improved. Combining with VAT legislation, we should study and unify VAT tax rate in all links of logistics as a whole. We will intensify our efforts to improve the management system of VAT invoices issued by individual taxpayers in transportation industry in 2017. We will comprehensively implement the preferential policy of reducing land use tax by half for large commodity warehousing facilities in logistics enterprises, and do a good job in changing toll road toll operation to increase. In 2017, a plan to improve the operation of toll road toll increase was introduced. By the end of the year, a nationwide unified toll road toll invoice service platform was built. The reform of highway sorting system at ministerial and provincial levels was completed. The docking of tax system and highway toll system was promoted, and the value-added tax on highway toll was issued on the platform. Electronic invoice.

"Opinions" said that the logistics sector to strengthen the clearance of fees. We will carry out special checks on charges in the field of logistics and focus on solving the problems of "arbitrary charges and fines". We will fully and strictly implement the policy of abolishing compulsory inspection for secondary maintenance of operating vehicles. We will improve the pricing mechanism for port services, reform tugboat charging methods, and revise and promulgate the Measures for Charging Port Charges. Clean up and standardize the miscellaneous fees charged by railway transport enterprises, the maintenance fees for the operation of special lines on behalf of enterprises, the overhaul fees for self-owned vehicles of enterprises, as well as the additional fees charged by local governments, the property rights of special lines or the fees charged by operating units, and the short barges closely related to railway transport.



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