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Supply Chain Management of Logistics

Date:2017-12-12 Author: Click:

Supply chain management Yingkou logistics is an integrated management idea and method, which implements the planning and control of logistics from supplier to end user in the supply chain. From the perspective of a single enterprise, it refers to the integration and optimization of information flow, logistics and capital flow in the supply chain by improving the relationship between the upstream and downstream supply chains, so as to gain the competitive advantage of the enterprise. Supply chain management is the effective management of an enterprise, which reflects the optimization of the whole business process in strategy and tactics. It integrates and optimizes the business efficiency of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers so that goods can be produced and sold in the right quantity, quality, location, time and cost. The meaning of supply chain is that it arrives at users from the beginning of purchasing through production, distribution and sales. This is not an isolated behavior, but a chain with a certain flow. Logistics activities are restricted by this supply chain decision. In fact, supply chain management regards logistics and all activities of enterprises as a unification. Process management.

Yingkou Logistics

The supply chain has four main points:

First, the supply chain is a one-way process. The links in the chain are not separated from each other, but become a whole through the link of the chain.

Secondly, supply chain is the strategic management of the whole process. Generally speaking, if only part of the information is relied on, the plan may be distorted due to the limitation or distortion of the information.

Thirdly, the view of inventory on different chains is different. In the supply chain management of logistics, inventory is not regarded as a measure to maintain production and sales, but as a balancing mechanism of supply chain.

Fourthly, supply chain management adopts new management methods, such as replacing interface with general synthesis method, seeking total balance by removing the weakest chain, preventing signal accumulation and amplification by simplifying supply chain method, and realizing control by economic cybernetics method.

Highlights of innovation in China's supply chain:

1. The innovation of supply chain business model has been transforming the technological innovation of supply chain.

2. Flat supply chain is organized into the mainstream of innovation.

3. The organizational model of mixed supply chain is emerging.

4. C2B mode and agile manufacturing have become new highlights.

5. The new supply chain mode of 020 has become the focus of industry development.

6. The pattern of supply chain platforms is emerging.



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