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Pharyngitis of Logistics Transportation in Urban Distribution

Date:2017-12-12 Author: Click:

People in the industry always feel powerless when talking about city matching. Traditional urban distribution has a low degree of informationization in the industry, the owner's goods are hard to collect, the enterprise's cars are hard to find, the transportation process is "high empty driving rate", and the delivery cost remains high. Traditional manpower loading makes it difficult to load goods, the utilization rate of vehicles is not high, and the profit margin is small.

For the same city distribution, logistics enterprises have "three expectations", one hopes to save transaction costs, two hopes to save shipment, three hopes to ease shipment.

Looking forward to saving transaction costs. First, the traditional logistics transportation has a low degree of informationization, the owner of the car is hard to collect, the enterprise is hard to find, the transportation process is "high empty driving rate", and the delivery cost remains high. Secondly, traditional manpower loading makes it difficult to load goods, the utilization rate of vehicles is not high, and the profit margin of transportation is small. Now the logistics information platform is based on the high-tech Internet technology, through the way of "mass goods, mass cars, group purchase price", and pushing massive real information about the source of goods and the real owner information for selection, focusing on solving the three major problems of "hard to get goods", "hard to find vehicles" and "high empty driving rate", and promoting the benign competition of the industry. To strive for the sound development of the industry. At the same time, the intelligent loading system can optimize the loading of goods, improve the utilization rate of vehicles, and help to solve the "last kilometer" of enterprises most concerned about the "high cost of departure" industry illnesses.

Yingkou Logistics

Second, we look forward to less worry about delivery. "Difficult to enter the city", "difficult to distribute" and "difficult to choose routes" are the main problems facing the "last kilometer" of urban distribution. Huaxunda City Distribution Efficient Management System not only saves transaction costs, but also is faster, smarter, more scientific and easy to solve the above delivery problems.

We look forward to delivering the goods safely. Finally, enterprises can not rest assured, so why not? In the final analysis, the crux is the lack of process monitoring, cargo damage is not guaranteed, to find the root is a security issue. Providing safety assurance is equivalent to feeding enterprises a reassuring pill, a strong agent in the industry. Safety is guaranteed, so delivery can be safe.

Similarly, from the driver's point of view. Only by better opening up and saving money can he live a better life. In addition, there are also problems of oil card cash and chronic payment, and the recessive problem of price without option, which is also the throat pain of income.

For drivers, open source means more work. As mentioned in the article, the information of truck drivers and logistics enterprises is asymmetric. As a result, some companies do not deliver cars, while some drivers do not. Therefore, adapting to the massive real supply of information and massive push, not only stimulates the market, but also allows drivers to have goods pulled, multi-goods pulled. In addition, drivers can also take orders in the process of empty operation, which can reduce the operation time of empty vehicles. Let the driver have no empty goods, reduce the empty driving rate while being a driver who does not worry about finding goods or even goods to find you.

So-called throttling, throttling. Marketing is the most popular, not only the oil, but also the delivery time equivalent to income. Compared with the trunk line, the distribution in the same city is more complex, and the order of delivery orders is more difficult to choose. How to take which list to send first to be faster and more economical? Modern information platform technology makes transportation more rational through intelligent optimization of path planning, saving the first major stream.

Difficult to cash oil cards, chronic payment and opaque tariff laryngitis are the problems from the mouth to the cold. They are the climatic problems in the industry. In other words, they are the normal and latent rules in the industry, but they are not stubborn diseases. Provide real-time cash, shorten the settlement cycle, transparent freight rates, medicines arrival, medicines to disease removal.



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