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Advantages of Container Transportation Business

Date:2017-12-12 Author: Click:

1. Improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations. Because container handling is suitable for mechanization, Yingkou Logistics has greatly improved its handling efficiency. At the same time, it greatly shortens the stay time of container stations (ports), speeds up the turnover of vehicles and ships and the delivery of goods.

2. Reduce operating costs and transport costs. Damage and difference of goods have been greatly reduced, and the premium of cargo insurance has also been reduced. After carrying out "door-to-door" transportation business, the construction cost of warehouse and operation cost of warehouse can be greatly saved.

3. Easy to automate management. Container is a kind of standardized freight transport unit, which creates convenient conditions for automated management. 

4. Guarantee the safety of cargo transportation. Container transportation greatly reduces the number of manual handling and handling in traditional transportation mode, which can avoid cargo damage, wet damage, loss and other cargo accidents caused by man-made and natural factors, and reduce economic losses.

Yingkou Logistics

5. Save packaging materials. Container transportation can simplify or not transport packaging, save packaging materials and costs, and reduce the cost of goods.

6. Simplify the procedures of freight transportation operation. After the cargo is transported by containers, the container is used as the transport unit of the cargo, which reduces the complicated operation links and simplifies the cargo handling procedures.

(1) Complete technology of hardware and software tends to be improved. Full-fledged trunk loading vessels are developing towards full automation and large-scale, with the emergence of the third and fourth generation container ships of 2500-4000TEU. Some large shipping companies have used large ships to organize global routes. In order to meet the needs of berthing and handling of large ships, ports are large and high-speed. Automated loading and unloading bridges have also been further developed. In order to extend containers from ports to inland areas, some advanced countries have carried out a large number of supporting construction for highways, railways and transit stations, as well as vehicles and ships for inland collection and evacuation. In terms of transportation management, with the improvement of international regulations and the gradual formation of international management, the scientific management methods and the modernization of management means have been realized. Some advanced countries have developed from port area management to integrated information management connected with port-related departments. Some large companies have been able to track and manage containers worldwide through communication satellites. The container transport technology in advanced countries has laid a good foundation for the development of multimodal transport.

(2) It has entered the stage of multimodal transport and door-to-door transport. It is the development direction of modern transportation to realize the combined transportation of various modes of transportation. Container transportation has unique advantages in this respect. Because of the establishment and improvement of container integrated transportation system in advanced countries, container transportation has broken through the concept of "port-to-port" of traditional transportation modes, comprehensively utilizing the advantages of various modes of transportation, providing cargo owners with "door-to-door" high-quality transport services, thus giving full play to the advantages of container transportation. "Door-to-door" transportation is a complex international integrated transportation system engineering. In order to develop container transportation, advanced countries regard it as a special subject, and train a large number of senior managers, business personnel and operators of container transportation, so as to gradually improve the theory and practice of container transportation.



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